About Ray Reamer

Ray Reamer is an expert speaker repair specialist based in Sicklerville, New Jersey. He runs the popular DIY blog iFixMySpeakers.com where he writes guides and tutorials focused on helping people repair phone speakers that have been accidentally water damaged. With over 10 years of hands-on experience fixing all kinds of smartphone and device speakers, Ray has mastered techniques for diagnosing issues, drying out water-exposed components, and soldering/replacing damaged parts. His articles and repair videos have helped thousands of readers revive their malfunctioning speakers and audio ports after water exposure. When he’s not repairing speakers or publishing new repair tutorials, Ray enjoys mentoring aspiring repair technicians in the community and developing new methods for restoring speakers and electronics.

Who is Ray Reamer?

Ray Reamer is an acclaimed speaker repair specialist based in Sicklerville, New Jersey who has been fixing audio devices for over a decade. He runs the popular do-it-yourself blog iFixMySpeakers.com which provides detailed guides on repairing phone speakers that have been damaged after water exposure. 

Ray Reamer - Speaker Specialist

With a natural curiosity for understanding electronics from a young age, Ray steadily acquired the skills and knowledge required to diagnose and meticulously restore malfunctioning speakers and audio ports. He learned to expertly solder and replace audio components while apprenticing at a local phone repair shop. Over the years, the intricate craft of speaker repair that Ray practices has saved thousands of dollars for his readers by helping them revive their damaged devices.

On his blog, Ray shares comprehensive tutorials and videos demonstrating proven techniques to dry out and recover water-damaged phone speakers. His articles clearly explain each step of the process – from correctly disassembling phones to accessing speaker modules, assessing corrosion levels, cleaning or replacing parts, safely drying components and reassembling devices. The posts detail best practices using common tools like a heat gun, isopropyl alcohol and canned air.

With a commitment to mentoring budding repair technicians, Ray also illustrates more advanced fixes like audio IC replacement and micro soldering work that require proficiency in soldering tiny surface-mount components. His troubleshooting guides help readers diagnose specific speaker issues based on symptoms and test results. By collating fixes for speakers across iPhone, Samsung, Pixel and other popular models, Ray has built an invaluable online reference for anyone looking to repair their damaged audio port or speaker.

When he’s not publishing new repair tips or performing speaker surgery in his home-based workshop, Ray enjoys participating in online repair tech communities and helping those new to the field. His decade-plus experience allows him to offer nuanced advice on troubleshooting stubborn audio issues. Ray also continually experiments with new non-invasive revival techniques for water-exposed electronics, aiming to make fixes increasingly accessible for beginners.

With the growth of his YouTube following, Ray receives a steady stream of damaged speakers and devices from viewers around the world. He documents the most interesting cases on his blog – from corroded laptop speakers revived using isopropyl baths to moisture-damaged car infotainment panels extracted and restored to functionality. By sharing both his successes and failures, Ray gives readers an authentic peek into the trial-and-error nature of speaker repair work while equipping them with an expansive set of best practices.